Vote for the Champion

How to Vote

Are you ready to RUMBLE?????  

Now is the time for you to put comments on your vote.  Why should the saint you select be the 2020 Champion?  You can put comments on this blog, on Facebook, Twitter and when you use the Doodle Vote!  Inspire your friends to choose the saint you think should be the champion!

1. You can use this link to vote on line, ??????.  You can only vote for 1 saint.  You do not have to have a doodle account or create one.  Just scroll down on the page, add your name in the provided space and vote for the  saint you want to the be 2020 Champion.

2. You can go on Facebook and record your choice in the comment section of the voting event (or follow the link from above from facebook or Twitter).

3.  You can email Colleen at with your choice.

4.  You can use a paper ballot found in the commons of St. Clement Church near the Lent Saint Madness poster.

The final winner will be announced at Masses on Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020 and posted on this Blog as well as on Social Media.

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