2020 Nominations

2020 Saint Nominations 

Use the link provided to see an image of the saints nominated and to read more about his or her life.

1. Margaret of Cortona  
Nominated by Paula Voborsky, "She is an ordinary woman who came from a troubled family.  She made bad choices as a young woman and went on to overcome them.  She would be a strong point guard

2. St. Boniface
Nominated by Jason Van Styn

3. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Anonymously nominated in honor of Sr. Pat Hill for her diligent care of the homebound.

4. St. Ambrose
Nominated by Luis Mendez, "He is a doctor of the Church who inspired St. Augustine and this inspires me and others to be a disciple and call others to faith.

5. St. Anthony of Padua
Anonymously nominated.

6. St. Anastasia
Anonymously nominated.

7. St. Francis of Assisi
Nominated by Dominic Strotman because "he was a good Franciscan.  He loved all animals. He cared for everyone."

8.  St. Bernadette
Nominated by Katie Donohue, Maria Martino and Mary Benintendi, "she is the most driven saint with such strong faith that no one can break.  Her fearlessness to rise above while being ridiculed by everyone in her town.

9. The Divine Child/Nino Divino
Nominated by Macaria Rodrigues.  "He has performed a lot of miracles in my life.  In 2001, I prayed to him to help me ask God to cure my baby child because he was in a car accident.  He was cured."

10.  St. Hildegard
Nominated by Mike Schlosser.  "She was a writer, musician, theologian, playwright, teacher, herbalist and healer.  She envisioned the greening power of nature and preached equality between men and women.  She was way ahead of her time.  Unfortunately, she was a Benedictine nun, not Franciscan, and was one of only four women doctors of the Church.  She is the namesake of my mother-in-law and could be considered a martyr for putting up with me for for so many years.  Hopefully she scores enough points to be considered MVP of the Lent Saint Madness.

11. St. Thomas Aquinas 
Anonymously nominated.

12. St. Cecilia
Nominated by Claire Gaffney.  Music is the salt and light of the Church!  She is the patron of music.

13. St. Agnes of Assisi
Nominated anonymously.

14.  St. Frederick
Nominated anonymously in honor of Fr. Fred Link, OFM St. Clement spiritual leader and guide.

15.  St. Joseph, father of Jesus
Nominated anonymously

16. St. Clare of Assisi
Nominated by Parker Cribbs.  "St. Clare was on a basketball team with St. Francis."

17.  St. Bonaventure
Nominated by Deacon Dave Harcourt.  "He is a great Franciscan theologian."

18. Our Lady of Guadalupe
Nominated anonymously.

19. St. Michael the Archangel
Nominated by Kevin Strotman.  "He is the patron of the military forces and safety services."

20. St. Rita of Cascia
Nominated by Michael Barrett and Lourdes & Rafael Gomez.  "She is saint of the impossible and a reliable intercessor.  She tried to enter the Augustinian sisters three times before the accepted her.  Therefore, she is my main heavenly prayer partner in entering religious life."  "She is the patron saint of where I lives in Mexico."

21. St. Padre Pio
Nominated by Rebecca Lippert.  "He was very caring, had the stigmata and could bi-locate when praying."

22.  St. Joan of Arc
Nominated by Izzi Hofmeister.  "She fought for the Church, persevered when the world said no.  She was a POWERHOUSE.  Strong.

23.  St. Judas Tadeo
Nominated by Macaria Rodrigues.  "I receive miracles when I pray to him to help me when I need special petitions.

24. St. Rose Viterbo
Nominated anonymously.

25.  St. Sebastian
Nominated by Mason Mosley.  The patron saint of athletes.

26. St. Anne
Nominated anonymously.

27.  St. Teresa of Avila
Nominated anonymously.

28.  St. Peregrine Laziosi
Nominated by Stephen Sullivan.  Peregrine grew up in the time of St. Francis and is the patron of serious illnesses, AIDs and cancer.

29. St. Isabella of France
Nominated by Pat Schlosser.  "She was a champion of her time.  Her game to dedicate her life to God and to care for the poor.  Her faithfulness and hard work to achieve her goal surely has earned her a place in the brackets of champions!

30. St. John the Evangelist
Nominated anonymously.

31. St. Kateri Tekakwitha
Nominated by Natalie Wammes.  Despite her family's disapproval, she dedicated herself to her faith with a deep love for the Eucharist and Mary.

32.  St. Benedict the Moor
Nominated anonymously.

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